Pressure Washer Safety tips by Illustration:

A pressure washer is a powerful tool that cleans buildings, farm equipment, roads, and more by spraying powerful jets of high-pressure water. Because it is often used for post-disaster clean-up work, the risk factor during use is relatively high. Below we mainly introduce the major risks and precautions of pressure cleaners by illustration.

1. Risks of using high-pressure cleaners

  1. The strong jet force of the high-pressure water can cause serious injuries. But, because the wound is small at first, it is easy to be ignored, which leads to delay in treatment, thereby increasing the risk of infection, disability, and even amputation.
  2. High-speed, strong water jets can knock other objects up and hurt others around them.
  3. If the high-pressure cleaner is not used correctly in accordance with the operating specifications in the instruction manual, there will be a risk of electric shock.

2. Preventive measures for high-pressure cleaners

  1. Never aim the high-pressure spray gun at yourself or others.
  2. When cleaning objects with a pressure washer, do not move objects.
  3. In a closed place, it is best not to use a high-pressure cleaner with a gasoline engine.
  4. When using a high-pressure cleaner, it is best to wear rubber shoes.
  5. Never cut the power cord or extension cord of the pressure washer.
  6. After the equipment trips, ask a professional electrician to overhaul the machine.
  7. Do not allow children to use the high-pressure cleaner. When adults use the machine to work, keep children away from a safe distance.

3. Strictly forbidden actions for Safety Concerns

  1. It is strictly forbidden to point the cleaning spray gun at people, animals, electrical equipment, or even the pressure washer’s body.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use the high-pressure washer to wash clothes, shoes, and other operations that are not related to the work content.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to move the high-pressure washer when the high-pressure washer is working. When the high-pressure washer is moved, it must be done after the main power supply is cut off or the main switch of the control panel is switched to the “stop” position.
  4. When using the high-pressure washer, the ground must be dry and flat to prevent incorrect movement.
  5. When using the high-pressure cleaner, both hands must hold the high-pressure cleaning gun tightly. It is done to prevent the occurrence of unsafe situations such as the removal of the cleaning spray gun or the loss of control of the cleaning spray gun due to the high-pressure recoil.
  6. The cleaning and maintenance of the high-pressure washer must be carried out after the high-pressure washer is completely cooled and the main power supply is disconnected.
  7. When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to use the safety locking knob on the cleaning spray gun. Because it can lock the cleaning spray gun button in the open position.
  8. When water is sprayed from the cleaning spray gun button machine, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to approach the cleaning spray gun for maintenance.