The Meaning behind a Dragon Ring jewelry

The dragons are mythical creatures whose tales are popular today because of fictional movies and stories. The tales help shape human perception of the past and influence modern human behavior and beliefs. The perception of dragons in society is evident in different jewelry pieces depicting the beasts. However, the different depictions are difficult to understand since many people lack background knowledge on some meanings. When buying some jewelry, such as a dragon ring, it is important to know the meaning behind what you are getting. The rings exist in different styles and colors. The following are some meanings to understand about the dragon ring jewelry.

a. Dragon ring as a symbol of wisdom

The most common meaning behind the dragon ring is the symbolism of wisdom and knowledge. The perception that dragons exhibit longevity by being alive for many years brings the association to wisdom. Humans believe that the older you become, the wiser you get because of life’s experiences. Therefore, getting a ring with dragon designs as a gift shows that you are to live a long life and become a source of wisdom.

b. Dragon ring as a symbol of strength

The use of dragons to show the symbolism of power and strength comes from the beasts’ display of strength in literature. Therefore, acquiring a dragon ring is evidence that someone wishes you to be strong in the future. The muscular depiction of dragons and the tales explaining how they can conquer other beasts of the earth encourages the heights you can achieve. However, the brutal nature of dragons does not have any symbolic connotations.

c. Symbolism for protection

The tales of the past show how dragons are protective of their families and territories from provocation. Therefore, getting dragon jewelry as a gift symbolizes your dedication to protecting your loved ones and your property. It also symbolizes the desire by your loved ones to keep you safe from many evils.

There are different dragon ring designs. They include:

1. Dragon head rings

The rings depict the dragon’s head on a metallic ring with a modern design. The dragonhead is a simple design because the rest of the ring keeps its shape with a head on one side on top of the ring.

2. Dragon wing ring designs

The second design is where the ring consists of shapes such as those of the wings of a dragon. Such a ring is big since a wing on either side makes it suitable for a casual look.

3. The full dragon design ring

The full dragon design includes the dragon curved into a ring instead of putting the image on top of an existing ring. The dragon’s head and the tail have a separation space in between.

4. Etched dragon design ring

Here, designers etch the symbol of a dragon onto a metallic ring that exists. The result is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear in official spaces.


The symbolism of dragons as an illustration of good luck, power, and wisdom is popular. Getting a ring with dragon designs is therefore commonplace. However, dragon rings made by etching the symbol of a dragon into the ring material are the only ones to use for official purposes such as wedding rings.